Tales of Development

by Miles Wortman

                                                                                             Second Printing - Newly Expanded

LEAVES: Tales of Development              

This is the grass that grows wherever the land is and the water is,
This the common air that bathes the globe
                                                                                                                                         Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Tales of those who struggled to bring about change and improve lives in lands facing extraordinary barriers over the last fifty years, those with good hearts and intentions who worked to stabilize newly independent countries and lands freed from the yoke of tyranny, lawyers that created legal frameworks for democracy, engineers who developed infrastructure, economists who created networks with local officials to further development and tens of thousands of others in health and education. They, who roamed the Earth in those years so that today there is little question that most peoples of Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia live with greater freedom and in better economic conditions than heretofore.

Tales of personal growth, how a lad filled with dreams and ideals evolved working in academia, development, government and the corporate world, each with distinct values, consulting in dozens of countries about the world with so many issues, profit, loss, efficiency, risk, famine, civil war, corruption and bureaucracy.  It is a quagmire that these pages try to put together.

Two types of development, the one economic, the other personal, the two weaving their way on a long and twisting road, an epoch fading into the past, its soldiers already forgotten.

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Washington (1966)

Obregon’s Cat – Costa Rica (1968)

Brooklyn (1969)

Mother India (1979/1984)

Raspail – France (1972)

New York (1981)

Mozambique (1988)

Whitey – Mozambique (1989)

Race – Washington D.C. and South Africa (1992)

Private Mines – Romania (1992)


John Bass in Tirana – Albania (1993)

To the Taj - Uganda (1994)

Clay – Vietnam (1995)

Smiles – Cambodia & Thailand (1996)

Ties – New York (1996)

The Man Who Would Be King – Mongolia (1997)

Sand, Sun, Stars and Sushi – Micronesia (1999)

The Burnt-Out Case - Togo (2002)

Wally – Ghana and Somalia (2002/2015)

Tom & Jerry – New York (2015)

Aye Aye – New York (2018)



The Van - Spain & Morocco (1970 – 1971)

To the Finland Station - Soviet Union (1972)